Quotes By John T Wayne

Below are many of my quotes:

  1. All men are created equal ends at birth!
  2. Any good writer doesn’t need to use foul language, there are much better descriptive words to showcase your ability!
  3. Evil does not recognize itself!
  4. A father’s love must include correction or it is no love at all!
  5. The term Federal means; covenant, or contract with God.
  6. If a man can’t follow Gods law, what on earth makes you think he will follow man made laws?
  7. A gun is neither good or evil, but a human being makes it so.
  8. History is where intelligent people gather in order to plan a prosperous future.
  9. If we can’t get things right on planet earth, we’ve no business going to Mars!
  10. A horse is like a dog, it will sense your fears and act up just because.
  11. Animals are not stupid, they know their place in this world better than most people.
  12. The most extreme for of censorship is war!
  13. If truth won’t win the argument, you can bet you are arguing with an idiot!
  14. In today’s information age, people seem to be satisfied with less and less information.
  15. There are two types of lottery tickets. The one which includes hard work, planning and determination always turns up a winner.
  16. Never pick a fight with a man who has nothing to lose!
  17. No one can intimidate you unless you first give them permission to do so.
  18. Slavery has always been the cheapest for of labor, who do you think you are?
  19. True Grit is more than a movie, it’s a way of life.
  20. Kids can identify truth quicker than most adults.
  21. It’s hard to believe the truth when you’ve never heard it before.
  22. Anyone who wants to enlist truth as part of their live must use history to uncover it, and validate it.
  23. Most of America’s problems come directly from Hollywood.
  24. I am a writer. Everything my grandfather ever said in the movies was first written by someone.
  25. If all you can think to fill your book with is verbal abuse and cussing, your work will never be taken serious in American literature.
  26. A man’s dreams must exceed his fears.
  27. Trouble has a nasty way of determining for a man what he does during the day.
  28. I love the south, a man can still get away with telling the truth in the south.