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During and prior to the Civil War everyone was trading slaves, there was money in it. Arabs, Whites, Blacks, Mexicans and Indians were engaged in the commerce. Even Comancheros engaged in the commerce. This book chronicles a slave trader kidnapping orphans off the streets of St. Louis, Missouri during the conflict.

During the Civil War, twelve year old Dillon Child’s father joins the Confederacy and asks Reverend Jeremiah Culpepper to take young Dillon and his six-year-old sister to St. Louis to live with their uncle. The uncle has also joined the Confederacy, leaving the two children alone and destitute in the huge city, where orphaned and abandoned children roam the streets. Dillon, scared for his little sister and what could happen to her comes to the conclusion they would be better off alone. They set out to walk back to their home on the Current River.

Along the way, they run into Lucifer Deal, who Dillon calls Ol’ Slantface because of a horrible disfigurement. Deal, a slave trader from way back has expanded his business to include young boys he can sell to ship’s captains for free labor.

It isn’t long before Dillon learns Reverend Culpepper and Ol’ Slantface are in cahoots and are holding the boys at Dillon’s home on Current River. He finds a way to get Jenny to safety, but Culpepper, determined to be rid of Dillon and Ol’ Slantface, ambush them as they return from buying supplies. Dillon escapes, but from that point on, his life becomes a fight for survival.

Knowing they’ll never be safe until the Reverend is captured or killed, Dillon and Ol’ Slantface join forces and along with a troop of Confederate soldiers determined to recover a stolen gold shipment meant for war supplies, journey to a tropical Island and brave arid desert lands to bring a man to justice, if only Dillon can stay alive long enough to accomplish his goal.

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  1. admin

    I don’t care if he is John Wayne’s grandson or not, if he can write like this, forget Mark Twain!
    Jake, St. Louis, Mo

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