Blood Once Spilled (Signed Copy)


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Orphaned as a child, Le Roy Ware returns from the Civil War to the home he grew up in. the couple that took him in died while he was away leaving the land and home to Le Roy, all that he has left in the world.

Reconstruction is in full swing and the Yankee’s are taking every piece of land they can. Although Le Roy left the area with bad blood between him and the people of the small town, Le Roy realizes the enemy is not those he left behind, but the Yankee’s and carpetbaggers. Along with the same men who treated him poorly as a child, he is determined the Yankee’s will not get his land, nor his friend’s neighboring Belle Grove Plantation.

With new friend and old, a new wife who may be into Voodoo, and a totally unexpected ally, he sets out to fight the Yankee’s, determined to keep what is theirs.

From the swamps of Louisiana to New Orleans, Le Roy Ware and his compatriots work to undermine the new Federal Government’s decrees to save a small portion of the south.