John T. Wayne, Author and Speaker

SigningWhen we think of great American classic movies, the ones that come to mind faster than all others are:
The Quiet Man
True Grit
Rooster Cogburn
El Dorado
…only to name a few. They all have in common just one name: JOHN WAYNE.

John Wayne was the living embodiment of true American patriotism in over 200 movies in his career.

With that, we are happy to introduce one of our GUESTS OF HONOR for the 2015 Lowcountry Arts and Literary Festival: he is the grandson of America’s iconic movie actor, The Duke himself, the great John Wayne…

Please welcome JOHN T. WAYNE!

John is a speaker, author, and is a member of the Western Writers of America. He lives in Paragould, Arkansas and studied Arts and Administration at the University of Oregon.

He started writing his first novel, “THE GASLIGHT BOYS”, way back in 1985. “I hope and pray a long and bountiful career as a writer of Western Folklore places me in the hearts and minds of the American people the same way grandpa was fixed in their lives. I believe America could use another John Wayne!” Listings of his books & upcoming releases, from the New Standard in Western Folklore, include RATTLESNAKE CANYON; BAD MEDICINE; THE DESTREHAN’S HONOR; MORMON WELLS; PEACE IN THE VALLEY; SHOWDOWN AT SCATTER CREEK

“I write about the Civil War, orphans of St Louis. Their lives, adventures and how they grew up without the aid of adult supervision.”

“All of America seems to be trying to figure out how to have their freedom, yet leave God out of it. Sorry folks, it isn’t possible to have freedom without God. So many people are making that one mistake, it saddens me. America is the only country on the planet founded upon a contract with God. That is why we are so blessed. I for one am proud to claim my heritage. We should not demonize profit / God’s Blessing upon our lives. I can think of a so called leader whom that is all he does, and I am getting just a little sick of it!”

John travels the globe, giving talks, making appearances at festivals, seminars, gun shows and so much more. He even ran into a good friend of granddad’s a while back, Maureen O’Hara.

John T. Wayne is a tall, quiet man, fearless in his love for America and all that is right. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, as found in several of his famous quotes:
• I love the south, a man can still get away with telling the truth in the south!
• All men are created equal-ends at birth!
• Any good writer doesn’t need to use foul language, there are much better descriptive words to showcase your ability!
• Evil does not recognize itself!
• A father’s love must include correction or it is no love at all!
• The term Federal means; covenant, or contract with God.
• If a man can’t follow God’s law, what on earth makes you think he will follow man made laws?
• A gun is neither good nor evil, but a human being makes it so.
John, we are honored to have you as a guest at our annual festival. We think you will appreciate the hallowed grounds of Frampton Plantation…a place where men fought for democracy…for the freedom to be called “An American.”

We look forward to your words of wisdom during our opening ceremonies.