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One thing I have learned in life; we don’t get to pick our family and we don’t get to pick the circumstance we are born into. You get what you get, and if that means Hollywood had to cover up for an actor and your heritage was hidden from you for most of your life, well you get what you get. I didn’t chose to cover up my father’s birth, I wasn’t even thought of yet. I had no say in the matter. It seems I still don’t. My father died never knowing who his real father was. For that there are two families to thank, not just one. Maybe you can include Hollywood, the Catholic church and the Masons. John Wayne was a devout member of all three organizations.

The only thing I want to offer here is simple. The same people who lied to my father his entire life are now lying to the world. This is nothing more a last ditch effort to keep me from ever being known as the Duke’s real grandson. They are going to lose, because they don’t know what I know. So please remember when you see people calling me a liar and a fraud, they are people who are vested in an 84 year old cover up. They buried my father, but not me.

When the Civil War started there were only  two orphanage’s in St. Louis with a growing number of children to care for,  the Mullanphy Orphanage and the St. Louis Protestant Orphanage.

     When started in 1827 and 1834 these two facilities cared for a few dozen children, but with the outbreak of Cholera in 1849, the Gold Rush of 1849 they were over burdened. With the  Civil War twelve years later they found themselves taking care of over 2,000 children. At the end of the Civil War there were no less than 24 orphanage’s in St. Louis city trying to care for more than 20,000 children with another 20,000 or so struggling to survive on the streets. Many of these unfortunate children became what we know today as Cowboys. They were of German, Irish and Dutch descent.  Prior to this time in our history we did not use the term Cowboy. Just so you know, what we call cowboys today were actually boys at the time of the Civil War.  The Gaslight Boys series pays homage to these children and the Gaslight district of St. Louis, Missouri.

John T. Wayne the American Civil War author is the grandson of John Wayne (the actor). Growing up he attended schools all over the state of Missouri, where he learned the true history of the US Civil War. John is a chip off the old block, believing in God, individual responsibility and the idea of a free America.

My father Billy at about 11 years old.

John began writing his stories in 1985 while attending the University of Oregon. It was there he lost his daughter Kimberly to Cancer. He soon left Oregon and returned home to Missouri where he met his current wife Donna, a descendant of Wild Bill Doolin. After 30 years together, they have some incredible stories to share.

When I was looking for a publisher, I came across Mocking-Bird Lane Press and wondered, because my Uncle Buddy and Aunt Vivian lived at 2410 Mocking-Bird lane in Florissant, Missouri my entire life. Once I met Regina, I knew they were the right publisher for me. I got the best publisher in Arkansas, and I get to keep my best memories on tap.

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