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A TRUE AMERICAN:  Each and every one of  John’s books are about orphans created by the Civil War, each story is based on actual events. When the war started there were only  two orphanage’s in St. Louis, Missouri taking care of over 2,000 children. When the war ended there were 24 orphanage’s trying to care for over 20,000 children, with another 20,000 or so trying to survive on the streets. These unfortunate children became what we know today as Cowboys. Prior to this time in our history, we did not use the term Cowboy. The term was used in 1070 AD for one summer in Ireland, then again for one summer in 1690 as many cattle were brought up from Florida to Georgia, but then the term fell off the face of the earth until the Civil War. Just so you know, the cowboys were actually boys!

1960 Thunderbird Super Coupe / Police Interceptor

John T. Wayne the American Civil War author is the grandson of John Wayne (the actor). He attended schools all over the state of Missouri, where he learned the true history of the US Civil War. John is a chip off the old block, believing in God, individual responsibility and the idea of a free America.

My father Billy at about 11 years old.

John began writing his stories in 1985 while attending the University of Oregon. He soon left Oregon and returned home to Missouri where he met his wife Donna. They have three sons and seven grandchildren.

When I was looking for a publisher, I came across Mocking-Bird Lane Press and wondered, because my Uncle Buddy and Aunt Vivian lived at 2410 Mocking-Bird lane in Florissant, Missouri my entire life. Once I met Regina, I knew they were the right publisher for me. I got the best publisher, and I get to keep my best memories alive through name association.

The Gaslight Boys series chronicles the lives of orphaned children. Charles Dickens is credited with being the first Gaslight Boy, but there were many Gaslight Children created by the war from 1861 – 1865 and beyond. John T. Wayne’s stories bring to life the true struggle of these children who grew up to become great in their own right. Some of them became great, some became outlaws, and some died short of the chance.

Look for his autobiography in late 2018. AN AMERICAN HERITAGE tells the story of how he grew up not knowing his true grandfather, and how he learned at age 54 that it was in fact the Duke of Hollywood.