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The War Wagon in Oklahoma. 1016

Who is John T. Wayne? The author was born in St. Louis Missouri in August 1958. He attended schools all over the state of Missouri, where he learned the true history of the Civil War. He grew up not knowing who his earthly grandfather might be. Of course, having a name like John T. Wayne doesn’t mean he is related to the Duke. At 6 ft 4 inches tall and looking like the famous actor, well that doesn’t mean anything either. John exhibits many of the Duke’s traits, such as being a conservative, his walk, movements and voice, believing in God and the idea of a free America, yet when someone’s birth is covered up and they are locked out of a family, they are locked out of the family.





“I never got an answer from my father about who my grandfather might be, but the evidence keeps piling up,” John T. said.  “We now know that my father never knew who his father was.”

John added, “There seems to be some kind of a conspiracy about my origins, or those of my father. I don’t have much help in that department as just about everyone who might know the truth about what happened is now gone.”

“My first clue was the fact I have the following names in my family. John, Wayne, Mary Ann, Robert, Morris, Duke, Melinda, Pat and Virginia.  I know that isn’t indisputable evidence of being related to the Duke somehow, but when you consider that I have pictures of my own father that I can’t tell from John Wayne, well that is no longer a coincidence. I would love to have some real sleuth types jump on the bandwagon and find out what exactly happened 80 years ago when my father was born, why he was given a fake birth certificate by Dr. Morrison ect… but no one seems to care much that the Duke might have had children no one knows about,” the author explains.

   John began writing his stories in 1985 while attending the University of Oregon. He soon left Oregon and returned home to Missouri where he met his wife Donna. They have three sons and seven grandchildren. His books are based on the orphans created by the Civil War, for it was these young men who became the cowboys. “Prior to the Civil War we did not use the term cowboy, but once the war got up a full head of steam, the ranchers out west couldn’t hire a grown man, they were all fighting the war. It was their replacements who became the first cowboys.”

    The Gaslight Boys series chronicles the lives of these children. Charles Dickens is credited with being the first Gaslight Boy, but there were many Gaslight Children created by the war from 1861 – 1865 and beyond. John T. Wayne’s stories bring to life the struggle of these children who grew up to become great in their own right. Some of them became great, some became outlaws, and some died short of the chance. The Gaslight Boys series are their stories.