About Me

johntwayneJohn T. Wayne / The author was born in St. Louis Missouri in August 1958. He attended schools all over the state of Missouri, where he learned the true history of the Civil War. He grew up not knowing who his earthly grandfather might be. He and his brothers would ask for years, but all they ever got was run out of the house. In 2009 they buried their father Billy Gene in Ferguson Missouri. After the funeral, they all sat around the table wondering, what’s the big stinking secret? You see, their grandmother was at their father’s funeral and still had not told them anything about who their grandfather might be. By the end of 2012 John T. had become certain of one thing. He was the Duke’s biological grandson. “If it had been average Joe in the next town, it wouldn’t have mattered, why cover it up? It had to be somebody big! Who is bigger than John Wayne?” Of course just looking like the man doesn’t make him John Wayne’s grandson, it was all of the information he has since learned that proves his heritage. Those facts will be coming to the American people soon in his autobiography. Facts which prove he is the Duke’s grandson.

   John began writing his stories in 1985 while attending the University of Oregon. He soon left Oregon and returned home to Missouri where he met his wife Donna. They have three sons and seven grandchildren. His books are based on the orphans created by the Civil War, for it was these young men who became the cowboys. “Prior to the Civil War we did not use the term cowboy, but once the war got up a full head of steam, the ranchers out west couldn’t hire a grown man, they were all fighting the war. It was their replacements who became the first cowboys.”

    The Gaslight Boys series chronicles the lives of these children. Charles Dickens is credited with being the first Gaslight Boy, but there were many Gaslight Children created by the war from 1861 – 1865 and beyond. John T. Wayne’s stories bring to life the struggle of these children who grew up to become great in their own right. Some of them became great, some became outlaws, and some died short of the chance. The Gaslight Boys series are their stories.