Growing up John T. Wayne

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Grandsons of the Pioneers singing "Happy Trails"
The Theme from  Rawhide
The Theme from the Cowboys

I hope you enjoy movies,and songs of the Western Cowboy who made the Great American West their home.

All videos except my own personal ones have been downloaded courtesy of Youtube.

I thank God for the men and women   that carved a path across America to leave such an endearing Legacy for our Children and Grandchildren and my grandfather for being the Icon he was.

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Growing up John T. Wayne

                         One of the Best Ole Cowboys around


 Short Biography:

   I was born in St Louis, Missouri in 1958. The fact is I am John Wayne's grandson.  
   I started writing my novels, "THE GASLIGHT BOYS" way back in 1985.  Learning the writing craft has been a challenge for me as I have a standard to uphold, a standard set by the Old Duke himself, yet I wanted my own unique writing style.  This was something which could not be taught in college.  The fact I write about the Civil War and the Old West can only be discribed as passion. There is no other explination.
   I may never be revered like my grandfather, however, just as my grandfather never quit acting, I will not quit writing until I draw my last breath.  I hope and pray this gives me a long and bountiful career as a writer of Western Folklore and places me in the hearts and minds of the American people the same way grandpa was fixed in their lives.  I believe America could use another John Wayne.




Straight from the Horses mouth;


A Marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and God, strictly speaking a Holy Trinity. God does not make covenants with gays and lesbians. Therefore, they can never be married as a couple because they cannot make a contract with God. Their contract is with someone else.


You can follow John on facebook where he tries to make a post several times a week.


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